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Since 2007, I have been a contributing writer and their Technical Adviser for Monument Signage with Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine.  You can find some of my articles here, at the magazines website:



 What is a Monument Sign Designer?

I am a sign designer, but I provide a unique, specialized service that focuses on the design of large scale electric signs.  "Monument Signs" and "Pylon Signs" are the ones you see at shopping centers or office parks and along the interstate.  They are tall, usually 25' or more, and typically include a full color electronic message board display (referred to as an EMC) with lighting effects and other architectural features. 

Who uses my design services?

I am hired by medium to large electric sign companies from all around the U.S. to fill the need that arises when large sign project opportunities present themselves, and the team of in-house sign designers simply cannot take on more work.


What is a Solution Provider?

I approach most every project from a very unique perspective which I have developed over my 30+ years in the sign business. I focus on the obvious and hidden needs that exist in (almost) every sign opportunity.  I provide solutions to those needs.  In this way, the client gets an in-depth presentation that endorses a needs-based, trust-based relationship that provides the best sign solution.


The intangible advantages of using me...

I am able to focus on the needs of the project so you don't have to.... all while providing the attention to detail and creativity that's necessary to design a serious, multi-page, "agency-style" signage 

presentation that will tell the client you are the right choice for the project.

The Pre Sale Sign Survey Field Guide...

by Matt Charboneau

I have compiled a great little pocket field guide with valuable information on what to measure, how to take photos, and why those details are so important to your designer.  You can find more details on picking up a few of these for your team by clicking on the orange title, or this image below:

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Sign design and 

sign shop drawing services:

- Project review and planning

- Sales support

- Feasibility studies

- Permitting review

- Presentation packages

- Initial creative concepts

- Architectural refacing of buildings

- Day view placement illustrations

- 3D illustrations

- Night view illustrations

- Estimating files

- Fabrication detail illustrations

- Pre-engineering approval files

- Post-engineering fabrication files

Design services

for sign companies:

- Logo designs (for you, or client)

- Sales and marketing materials

- Title blocks (page templates)

- Custom graphics

- Shop signage

- Vehicle design

- Business cards

- Vehicle graphics

- Website graphics

- Sign Design Training

- Sign Sales Training

- Rebranding

My Story:

I started my career in the sign industry in 1985 when, as a way of transitioning out of the Life Insurance industry, I taught myself the now semi-lost art of Hand Lettering... and it worked!


Years of formal training in Architectural and Mechanical Design provides me a diverse skill set for understanding the fabrication challenges that make up the core of every large-scale sign project. In addition, my 34 years in the business has afforded me critical skill sets and insights on sales, project management, estimating, fabrication and installation.

My wife of 25 years and I live in our log home in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, at the base of Storm Mountain, located just above the town of Drake at about 7,300 feet in elevation. 

I enjoy elk and deer hunting, photography, fishing, hiking and of course we love exploring the local mountain trails in our Jeep. 

God has blessed me with a career that I still love getting up for every single day.  I got my start one cloudy, dreary day in 1985 when God gave me a gentle nudge to consider a new career. 

I was on the couch watching a popular TV evangelist named Robert Schuller as he talked about the "Parable of the Talents".  Dr. Schuller explained how God gives us each very unique talents that we can either choose to ignore or use.  At that very moment I realized that as a Life Insurance agent I was not using the artistic gifts and talents for design that God had given me.  


That next day was a Monday and I made plans to enter the sign industry, and taught myself how to hand letter signs.  The rest is history.


"My day belongs to God - I simply hold the brush and he moves me"

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