Creative, Planning
& Solution Providing


Cool looking sign designs are always welcomed by salespeople.  However, if that design doesn't provide a solution to the clients needs, it fails, the sale is lost, and the sign company owner is left with a loss on the process...

(and the client walks away with a whole lot of free design work!)

Before the creative process can begin, the clients' pain points must be identified, and communicated to them in such a way as to set you, your approach, your company and your solution to their pain apart from the competition.

This approach is what gives the

"Charboneau" presentation it's advantage.

Rule number 1:  

Understand your clients pain point and provide a (sign) solution for it

Rule number 2: 

Gain their trust and secure their loyalty to you, the sign professional

Rule number 3: 

Look beyond the immediate needs and be their solution provider

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